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Nate’s Coffee Shop: Best local coffee

Rosebud’s: Best nightcap
PRO TIP: Grab a GIANT Goodfella’s pizza across the street and share it with your bartender, or enjoy by the slice!

Belle’s Cocktail House: Best downtown nightlife

Chinoe Pub: Best neighborhood hole-in-the-wall bar (and lively karaoke)

The Beer Trappe: Best non-corporate selection of craft beers on draft (they have hundreds!)

*Mirror Twin
PRO TIP: Rolling Oven pizza is located inside BOTH taprooms! That’s right, they have two: one is dog-friendly and beer-only, the other has a full bar.

Pivot (cider)
PRO TIP: They have a great selection of draft beer, too!

Rock House

Country Boy (locations in Lexington and Georgetown)

West Sixth
PRO TIP: Smithtown Seafood is located adjacent to the taproom.

*Blue Stallion

**Wise Bird Cider Company


PRO TIP: This tour is a 2-for-1 because they are also a brewery!

**James E. Pepper

**Barrel House

**Fresh Bourbon


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*Morgan's Picks
If you have the chance, don’t miss these places and experiences!

**Do it all in the Distillery District!
There’s so much more to do in this thriving area than what I highlighted! Park near the water tower or on the mural side of the 5-story warehouse (you can’t miss it) and walk easily from place-to-place, OR Uber/Lyft. Just remember, it’s not pedestrian-friendly.