I've seen a lot of "best patio" posts and articles circulating around the inter-webs over the past couple weeks, and decided to put my own spin on the list! Because, let's be honest, a sidewalk with rails does not constitute a 'patio.' But that's just one foodie's opinion. 😉

So here it is! Or rather, here they are. When I was thinking about how I'd be scoping out patios, categories immediately started formulating in my brain. Keep in mind, there's a fair bit of crossover, so I tried to place things where I thought they best fit. Enjoy!

Azur, Giuseppe’s, Merrick Inn, Middle Fork Kitchen Bar, Portofino, The Sage Rabbit, The Tulip Bistro + Bar

Bluegrass Bistro, Bru Burger, Mirror Twin Brewing, The Rackhouse Tavern, Roulay Restaurant & Bar, Shamrock Bar & Grill (Patchen), Zim’s Cafe