At some point I promised to be more succinct/frequent with my foodie news, but in the words of pop culture's most famous post-it note:  I can't.  I'm sorry.  Don't hate me.  I don't expect everyone to read every word, but foodies know the deal.  They will.  They'll inhale every morsel.  For everyone else, there's a pretty picture! 😆 Also I've been kind of busy getting surprise engaged and such 💛 so keeping up with the barrage of openings, closings, and announcements has been a lot, even for this expert multitasker.  Hope you enjoy this edition.  Bon appetite!

Let's raise a glass to those we've lost, and welcome the new kids on the block!


Melissa’s Cottage Cafe (167 S. Main Street, Versailles):  This small town favorite was apparently a mainstay for the past 15 years, and a favorite spot of William Shatner, to boot!  The landlord is hoping a new tenant will tap into the vast Irish population (by virtue of the numerous horse farms in the surrounding area) and open a pub!

Middle Fork Kitchen Bar (1224 Manchester Street):  Fortunately, the Distillery District hasn't experienced a lot of loss, but this one will be felt all over.   Owner/Chef Mark Jensen elevated his Fork in the Road food truck to MFKB back in 2015, and promises more to come when time is right.  Until then, I'll sure miss the unique savory dishes like Hog n’ Oats and deconstructed PB&J.  And that patio!

Roulay Restaurant & Bar (107 W. Short Street):  Prepare to be confounded:  Roulay opened just before the pandemic, then fell victim to an impossibly difficult pattern of open-close-open-close-open leading up to Mardi Gras, i.e. the icepocalypse of 2021.  Side note:  My crew risked life and limb for pounds of crawfish, and they had to call in extra help that night!  At the beginning of March they closed again, 'forever' this time.  PSYCH!  A couple days later they announced their a bar only.  No wait, a couple days after that they announced they would reopen with tapas.  A couple days after that, it became Asian tapas.  Does your head hurt yet?  Mine too.  It's a real shame the original concept didn't stick because that's one primo rooftop patio and now instead of going in with a clear expectation, all I can envision is a mess.  

Fear not!  Although the former partnership dissolved, someday (hopefully sooner than later!) we'll be able to enjoy delicious Cajun/Creole again soon from the resurrected culinary team:  Lady Remoulade!

Coming Soon

Agave & Rye (123 N. Broadway): While I definitely support both regional chains and 'from scratch' concepts, tacos just aren't my thing. Don't get me wrong - they're ok! I'll eat them every now and then, but I don't subscribe to the rabid following that they've gained in recent years...nor am I a former/current/future Taco Bell fan. That aside, Saul Good will be missed, but I couldn't be happier that the barren dining wasteland that's become of the Broadway/Short Street corner is soon to be a hotbed of activity again!
ETA: Early summer 2021

Andy's Frozen Custard (1200 S. Broadway): Custard is a mystery to me. I mean, I know what it is, but I've been to Culver's maybe twice and just don't see the appeal. And in the former Stephen Lawrence Ltd. location, no less. Interesting choice. I'll try anything once, but Lexington might be getting a bit custard-heavy if you ask me...
ETA: Summer 2021

Buzzed Bull Creamery (105 Summit, Suite 105): Here's a new twist on ice cream that's *not* custard! Instead, it's a Cincinnati-based experiential concept combining ice cream flash frozen in front of you (by way of liquid nitrogen) with - you guessed it - booze! Kudos to the franchisees for waiting until Crank & Boom vacated The Summit so as not to infringe on another craft ice cream shop's turf.
ETA:  Spring 2021

Cattywampus Station (161 Lexington Green Circle):  This one almost snuck by me!  From the owner of Sweet Matriarch Bakery in Georgetown, Tia Chancellor, comes a popular corner spot (thanks to Lakeside Live) boasting outrageous homemade milkshakes.  They'll start exclusively with a milkshake/dessert bar and hope to later phase in burgers and fries.  After a trial run from April-October they plan to regroup and evaluate the possibility of being open full-time.  As for the bakery?  It will still focus on wedding and custom cakes.
ETA:  April

El Cid (701 National Avenue):  YAY YAY YAY!  I absolutely love the former Local's building on National Avenue and I'm so glad a new home has found it!  Expect the same cuisine and drinks - including $.85 margaritas and $.99 mimosas) as the UK campus location, but with two major bonuses:  parking and that rooftop patio!
ETA:  June

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers (2217 Nicholasville Road): Oh look, more custard! At least this place has the decency to be a Steak 'N Shake knock off. Also, am I mistaken, or wasn't the first Freddy's in Lexington (near Costco on Polo Club Blvd.) riddled with rodents not too long ago? *shudders* Seems like a great opportunity to penetrate the remainder of the Lexington market! Look for the sequel to open in the old Burger King across from Zandale.
ETA: Mid-June

The Goose Lexington (170 Jefferson Street):  If you've been following along the past few months, this is not a surprise!  From a team of former  Portofino employees - including General Manager Robby Carter, Chef Andrew Durbin, Bartender Rob Vap, and Restaurant Manager Kristin Anderson - comes the timely resurrection of Lexington's best kept secret (that patio!).  With support from Portofino owner Wayne Masterman (who still owns The Goose & Gander in Midway and Serafini in Frankfort), the restaurant will once again grace the Jefferson Street corridor with pizza, burgers, specials, and a few fan favorites for lunch and dinner seven days a week, plus brunch!
ETA:  April

Harvey's Bar (200 W. Main Street):  This rumor is NEW NEW to the mill!  Word on the street is that in addition to the new mural adorning the wall facing Upper, Harvey's may reopen as (or at least 'with') a charcuterie and wine shop/bar!  They've remained closed since the pandemic began, but with the infill of tenants upstairs and all of City Center now open right next door, it'll be interesting to see what direction they decide to go.
ETA:  Summer

Lee's Famous Recipe (3014 Richmond Road/1487 Boardwalk):  I hope y'all will give me a pass for nostalgia's sake, because I grew up in Danville, Kentucky, and we are a LEE'S town!  None of that KFC nonsense. 😉 While the Versailles Road location is still in limbo, at least we'll have the other two OG options to pack on the pounds.
ETA:  Spring/summer for Richmond Road and winter for Boardwalk

Roosters (2640 Richmond Road): Have I ever mentioned that chains aren't my thing? 😂 That said, a) I really appreciate the HUGE chicken tenders that Roosters is famous for, and b) I'm really glad that the former Chop House building (RIP) isn't going to sit there and rot. It's good real estate. It deserves to be used.
ETA: May 10

Rosemont Station (222 Rosemont Garden):  IT FINALLY HAS A NAME!  How long have I been teasing this place?  *Insert "I told you so" right about here*  Between Critchfield Meats, Gem Source, Winchell's, a certain German restaurant/volleyball complex 😬 and this news, it's enough to make me want to put down roots in Southland.  Owner Sean Nealey, also the brains behind PieTana, plans for hot dogs, burgers, brunch, and bar business - none of which will surprise you if you've been keeping up with previous posts.
ETA:  Spring 2021

Spotz Gelato (130 E. Main Street, Midway):  After they failed to launch at the (possibly cursed?) corner of Broadway and Short Street pre-pandemic, this yummy dessert spot is slated to ceremoniously open their fourth brick and mortar location (in addition to Shelbyville, Georgetown, Versailles).
ETA:  April 9

The Void Sake Company (949 National Avenue, Suite 190):  From two of the team at Ethereal Brewing comes Kentucky's first sake brewery - one of only about 20 in the United States.  It hopes to appeal to TMMK's sizeable Japanese population and supply local restaurants with both traditional and unique takes on the rice wine.
ETA:  Spring 2021

Now Open

Lex Live (301 S. Broadway):  The multi-level complex located across from Rupp Arena officially opened on March 11!  Lex Live features an arcade, sports bar, cocktail bar, concessions, bowling alley, and ten auditoriums, one featuring an LFX screen - the largest in Kentucky.  My first experience was one for the books - if you like horror stories, that is.  Murphy's Law was in full effect, but I'm giving them lots of grace because I was anxious to see inside on the very first day.  The overall menu looked impressive and so did the dishes walking past; admittedly, our pile of nachos and brussel sprouts (separate dishes) were both tasty.  Just give them some time and they'll be turning people away.

Postmaster’s Pub (307 W. Short Street): I wasn't sure this day would come! Brian Behr - who also owns Bear & the Butcher - first put the building up for sale in 2019, eventually closing in January 2020 to renovate the inside top-to-bottom, only to watch it sit vacant for a full calendar year. While still a gastropub, diners can look forward to an updated interior, as well as the return of a few fan favorites, such as the Korean fried chicken sandwich and weekend brunch.
ETA: March 25

Ranada's Kitchen (496 E. High Street): Everyone's favorite female Chef du Jour is back in action! Following a brief pandemic tenure in the former Kitchen at A.S. Eats in Chevy Chase as a curbside and catering kitchen, diners once again have the pleasure of enjoying Ranada's fine fare in an atmosphere that only she can curate. After Ramsey's, this location enjoyed a short tenure as Chatham's, then remained empty...until now. Lunch hours, preview dinners, and bottomless brunches dotted the map in March, with mouthwatering menus, as expected. Look for an official grand opening soon!